You have now reached another of Usurbil’s murals. This painting, which is now totally damaged and defaced, is the work of Alejandro Tapia, the painter from Usurbil. Tapia was one of the founders and members of the Ur group. This group of painters was created a year before Gaur by Javier Arocena, Carlos Bizcarrondo, José Gracenea and Alejandro Tapia, all from Gipuzkoa, in order to stimulate a creativity persecuted by Franco’s regime.

This Herri Batasuna mural is an exception within the career of this prize-winning and renowned artist. Murals are usually part of street art and living exponents of different social thinking and movements. In this case, Tapia’s mural epitomises the situation of Basque society and Usurbil in 1985. It is a work of art produced in 1985 during the campaign launched by Herri Batasuna "Euskal Herria alaitsu eta borrokan kementsu" (Euskal Herria happy and millitant) and was known for capturing an era and a political struggle, both in Euskal Herri and abroad. Not just that, it was also seen to clearly capture what was happening in Basque society from the time that mural was painted until 2009.

Shot of the original mural
Shot of the original mural

In 2009, in the context of the change in the Basque Government and during Patxi López’s term in office, Basque Government's Ministry of the Interior ordered that the work of art be deleted. They defaced a mural that was part of Usurbil’s heritage and of all Basque, as they saw political and moral obstacles instead of a work of art.


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